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5 secret protips for Bloggers in 2019!!

As there are lakhs of bloggers in this era ,it is very tough for you to outrank them with usual process ,hence i have prepared the lists of main 5 vital and secret tips for you to grow easily,within on time

secret protips of blogging in2019


Your content works as a product to your visitors,so keep it quality rich but dont forget about the amount of words,approx use 1000words per posts which is very good.dont become a narrator or orderer to your visitors ,use conversational words and phrases like ,"hey","do you know","here is the offer for you"and others like this.in this way they will get attached to you ,feels friendly and closely to you.try to wrtite articles from your own thoughts and ideas ,but if you have money to expense then you can hire a pro-content writer.try to avoid grammatical errors,spelling mistakes.use easy simple and undestanble languages.never copy directly form other webistes,if you wish to take help then you can download pdf file of that topic or niche,then read that or copy the texts ,paste it on notepad, then either add some things or remove some words ,in this way you can skip the process of being plagarised.update your contents in regular basis(weekly or monthly) with new events and incidents.use titles,descriptions,and meta-tags for each of your posts,thsi helps a lot for internet crawlers and search engines to categorize your site,and improve rankings.

now the best an basic ways to find a trending topic is to take help from google,this is best for beginners,go to trends.google.com and put your related content or niche ,you will see a report like this which i have given below,these reports are updating automatically,you compare with other categories and then choose your preferred one.here i only put blogging as a search phase and you can see the other competeting keywords and their search popularities.search by any word or pharse and try to pick the most searched items as your niche,so it is easy to get huge traffic within less time.